Dog Training in Pembroke

Dog & Puppy Training

Limited training tools are available for purchase. Inquire with our team during your next visit for more information.

Puppy Play Club

For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months


For each half-day of drop-off play.
Available 9:00 am – 1:00 pm, Monday-Friday.

Our puppy socialization program encourages your puppy to grow and become a well-balanced companion while helping to develop their socially playful side. The main portion of Puppy Play Club is sessions of group play with other puppies of a similar age and play style. The average group size per play session is four to eight puppies, and they may also get short paired play sessions with one friend at a time. We recommend that puppies attend twice a week.

All visits must be scheduled in advance.


Private Lessons

 One hour sessions and packages available

Any level and age welcome


per session

Individual training designed for you and your dog to help work toward your personal training goals. Weekly lessons are recommended initially. Many students eventually move to every other week or enroll in one of our drop- off programs based on their training goals. More advanced options are available to owners who wish to dedicate themselves to a higher level or to add distractions after a few months of private training.

Puppy Prep School

For puppies 10 weeks to 6 months


4-week enrollment
Includes 2 group class, 9 total drop off days and a single private lesson
Runs Tuesday thru Thursday

This program includes an introduction to training activities and also lays the foundation for further obedience. The structured exposure of this program assists puppies in building their confidence while also fostering better handler engagement. The included private lessons help keep the full family involved throughout the learning process, which helps generate better consistency within the home.


Day Academy
Level 1


3 week training course
Open to: Dogs older than 6 months
Includes 2 group class, 9 total drop off days and a single private lesson.
Runs Tuesday thru Thursday

Grade school for your pup! In this training, your dog will be introduced to basic obedience. This program is designed to build upon foundation games played during puppy training and to jump-start common household commands. This introductory level of Day Academy also includes structured play time to evaluate your dog’s play style. If your dog is new, then we will need at least one private lesson as an evaluation to determine readiness.

Day Academy
Level 2 


3 week training course
Prerequisite: Day Academy Level 1
Includes 2 group classes, 9 total drop off sessions, 1 private lesson

This program is intended to strengthen your dog’s understanding of previously introduced commands and proof their abilities through the addiction of distractions. The final week also included field trips for further practice.